Empower / 01

Mentorship Program

This January 2021 we are launch the TIM HOGINS MENTORSHIP PROGRAM. This will setup a 25 week program for youth with unique skills.

Empower / 02


All members projects will be vetted for funding. With key we will identify the projects that are proving to be viable.

Empower / 03


Launching in February 2021, www.blacqmarket.co.za will be the biggest and best online paying platform providing immediate income generation options and employment. 

Only ZaYouthMovement members will get FIRST options to enjoy this offering.


Employ / 01

Business Acquisition

The Youth numbers 26 million which makes us the biggest buying group in South Africa. We intend to create he largest South African crowd funding pot and buy back the factories and businesses that are failing. Within our communities are opportunities to buy these factories and businesses.

Employ / 02

Startup Of New Business / Programs

The Youth have some great ideas on new businesses. They lack support. We aim to generate funding, business support, sales and mentorship for all youth driven startups.

Thus Employing ourselves in the process.

Employ / 03

Township Economy Opportunities

The Townships house more that 2/3 of our Youth and there is vast opportunities there. From the Township Entrepreneurship Awards to setting up our own Spaza shops by us for us. The opportunities are there for us to get this side of the economy up again.


Protect / 01

Physical Protection

We aim to have self defence as a prerequisite for all Youth. With crime escalating we need to protect our families with simple and basic self defence.

We will have program that teaches our Youth to be ready.

Protect / 02

Financial Protection

We are not trained in financial matters. How to grow and protect our money, our wealth. This is key in our future and in our choices.

This January 2021, we will embark on training each member on how to manage, grow and exceed wealth expectations.

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