ZAYouthMovement is run by a group of young South Africans. It’s a non-profit organisation. It’s a non-political organisation. Our aim is to motivate the entire youth population of South Africa to be self-reliant, self-aware and self-starting in all aspects of their lives, by eradicating co-dependency and nurturing cooperation. We rely on the government for too much.

A Few Words

About Us

Our Founder is Tim Hogins. Tim is a believer and a doer. Timothy Paul Hogins is an African businessman, entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. Tim is a Dreamer. Tim is a Visualiser. Tim is a Materialiser. He is the Chairman and CEO of Hogins Enterprises (A diverse group of companies) and he is considered one of Africa’s emerging business leaders, with interests in Recreational Lifestyle brands, Technology, Manufacturing, E-commerce development, Real Estate & Property development, Pharmaceuticals, Health and Insurance. Tim has been passionate about empowering the young and upcoming entrepreneur and grow the next leaders in the business world, for over ten years. His footprint shows an astute mind that seeks the most profitable and rewarding enterprise which enriches the community it’s founded and beyond.

We are set to change the life of young people in South Africa.
It’s time for the youth of today to do the necessary
based on today’s requirements.

Tim Hogins
Why Choose ZAYM


Afrikaner Youth had one main objective:
Preserve the Afrikaner independence obtained by means of blood during the Anglo Boer wars.
How: Oppress non-whites by militarising the youth at the age of 18 in the form of compulsory military training (Apartheid got legislated)

They did the necessary

Youth of the 70’s had one main objective:
Topple the apartheid regime with political freedom as the prize.

How: 1976 uprising (1994 democratic elections – the people govern)

They did the necessary

Youth post 1994 have one main objective:
How to benefit from the Afrikaner and 1976 sweat.

It’s time to


Shared Consciousness
This is having the same and shared beliefs and thoughts about most issues pertaining to you as a group. In this case the future of the youth. The way you tackle issues and life is defined in the same way. It transcends living standards, race and income brackets.

We Winners.

I am the Future. The Future is Me!

Join our affiliate program and play your part in shaping the future of our youth, securing their destiny. Let us know what an how you want to participate either by Empowerment, Protection or Employment.



Our team is made up of the youth for the youth and by the youth

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